Medical Equipment

With all of the advances in medical equipment it’s often hard to keep up with all the changes. Things seem to change almost daily. This often means constantly upgrading your medical or laboratory equipment. The best and most cost effective way to accomplish this goal is to sell your used medical equipment to help defray the costs involved in obtaining new equipment. There is now a new internet auction system called Medflip that allows you to do just that.

The Medflip Marketplace is a completely new concept to help medical facilities all across the country save money and stay up to date on medical equipment changes. All members of the medical community including hospitals, clinics, surgeons and dentists are welcome to join the site and add their own used medical equipment or used laboratory equipment to be sold by auction on the internet.

If you have unused medical equipment in your medical facility, it takes up space or you need to pay for storage. This can create undue stress on the financial status of your office or facility. Medflip is here to help alleviate this problem while they are giving smaller offices and clinics the opportunity to obtain the equipment they need without breaking the budget. Medflip realized a need in the medical community and now they are filling that need.

Buying and selling any new or used medical equipment or used laboratory equipment is always secure with Medflip. Your personal information is not traded with other buyers or sellers on the site. The staff is very knowledgeable with the types of equipment bought and sold on their site and they are there to assist you with your purchase or sale of used medical equipment.